Welcome to the website for 2nd Star Counseling! This site is designed with you in mind. Take a moment and congratulate yourself and recognize the courage it takes to seek out family therapy, therapy for your child and counseling for yourself or someone you love.

Every person carries an innate desire for balance and wellness in their life. They also carry the ability to achieve these goals. I am dedicated to assisting you in this process. In an open and honest manner, I will work with you to find the answers to questions surrounding relationships, sadness and day-to-day intentional living.

I believe mental health and overall well-being includes preventative counseling and therapy, in addition to crisis and trauma intervention. Every happy family goes for a checkup now and then. If you or your child, or members of your family or community seem to be going through some kind of heavy thinking, day to day sadness, grief or unexplained emotional conflict, you can talk to me about it and I will do my best to assist. I am honored by my clients’ faith and trust in themselves, and in me to share their journey.

Please don’t hesitate to call or email me with any questions or for a consult.

Most Sincerely,