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Welcome back to the site! It is definitely a labor of love and sometimes needs more than I can give! Luckily, I have an amazing support crew in the form of family, pets, and the web lady who keeps me going! She knows who she is!

People often ask me why counseling? I mean, I had really good teaching career going- awesome students, material I love, people I enjoyed working with. But I knew I was going to be a counselor someday. First, I enjoy the work of problem solving, and it can be how to teach Shakespeare, plant a garden, or help shake a bad mood that goes on and on. I find that problem solving is only a small piece of counseling.

To me, counseling is first having the courage to admit to less than perfection, and then having the courage to seek help in facing that. No one likes to be depressed, sad, overwhelmed, or anxious. But we would not be human without these things in our day to day. Counseling is like going to the dentist. While many of us can wait until we have a cavity, how many of us actively practice good prevention by brushing our teeth? Emotions are like that. You have to brush a bit every day, or before you know it…. Root canal! And even the cleanest teeth in the world need a checkup once or twice a year! That is the kind of counselor I can be!

Many of the people asking me about my work- well they wonder; how do counselors deal in pain, trauma and crisis? It’s a fair question, and I had my fears at the beginning of this career. No more. To sit with extreme emotional duress, to bring comfort and stability with simple presence, and most of all to witness courage and the true desire for a better life in others- these things challenge me to be a better person! These things bring counseling the world into focus and purpose.

And working with emotions doesn’t always mean working with the ones we don’t readily enjoy. There are some great days too!

I do have to give a shout out to my teaching peeps! It really was a great experience and aa new class of my previous seventh graders is graduating now from high school. So congrats and thanks to them!

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