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Hello and welcome to the 2nd Star Counseling Website and blog! On this site, I have tried to include a working philosophy, forms and rates, and some place where you might find me such as Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin. We even attached Pinterest and that is a pretty fun scrap book tool. I have a vision for this site to be available to the many people that make life worth living: family, friends, clients, and my special Tuesday morning group. I hope you all feel good about sending comments my way whether in the conversation or a “hey Kat! What about….?” The main focus of the blog is called “Everyday Therapies.” Topics include the Joys of Dogs, Tea Zen, inspired quotes, Angry Animus, Technical Terms, Radical Readings, TV and Movie Bumps, and anything else I can think of that might be interesting in the day to day pursuit of wellness. I believe the overall health and well-being of us all benefits when we seek and find these everyday therapies for maintenance and check in. Mental health is like anything else in that we all face grief, anxiety, sadness and even the good stuff can take a toll. But the way we cope and deal on a daily basis can make the difference between crisis and faceable days. I am not saying we can plan for unexpected tragedy. I am saying that the day to day living builds up an emotional toll. I was driving down 36th on my way to somewhere and I was going a little fast and a little too close to the car in front of me. I noticed the guy to my left was yelling and hitting his steering wheel. He was shaking his fist and waving his arms (car must have had automatic steering?) and just really, really mad. There was no one in the car with him. He may have just wanted to pass and couldn’t. I don’t know. But what an outpouring of emotion! I didn’t know to be worried or jealous. I mean, at least he was getting it all out in a relatively harmless way. He wasn’t driving too crazy, just mad- faced and maybe steering with his knees the better to gesture. Well, I was so engaged with watching him; I hit this massive pothole I usually dodge right before I pull on to Federal. The jolt went through my whole car, and I thought, “This is it; I surely have a flat tire there now.” It turned out my car was fine, but probably because I take care of it (prevention) and I don’t hit potholes (maintenance) if I can help it. But this guy: who else know about his road rage? Are they suggesting some preventive, professional mental health checkup? Or are they waiting for the crisis of something terrible happening? If his teeth were falling out, someone would suggest their favorite dentist. If he had a giant tumor on his face, someone would ask him when he was going to check that out. Everyday therapies. It is important and necessary to pay attention to what makes your day better. Or sadder. Or fun. Or restful. My everyday therapy today was a long walk and new sheets on the bed. Simple I know, but clean sheet night is a big deal and not because I wait so long between changes. It’s just a nice way to fall asleep. If you have an everyday therapy to share, please feel free! I would love to hear about it! Thank you for visiting the site, and I hope to hear from you soon!

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