Adolescent Therapy (ages 11-13)

Untitled-1Adolescent Therapy (ages 11-13)

Adolescents are not little kids, nor are they adults. Their bodies change, their priorities change, their feelings, friends, favorite foods, and importantly, their relationship with their parents all undergo transformation. It is this time that they need their parents the most, yet are hardwired to seek support from outside the family. Therapy for adolescents is a careful attendance on the part of the therapist, not only to what is said in session, but what is not said. While more verbal and expressive in spoken language than younger children, adolescents often struggle to find the right words. Ways of playing with adolescents involve games, art, music, wilderness and eco-therapy applications and sincere empathy. It is not easy to be an adolescent. Or the parent of an adolescent. Issues of concern in adolescents include:

• General Anxiety
• Stress
• Body issues
• Addictions
• Self-harm
• Depression
• Extreme mood shifts
• Isolation
• Fears of failure
• Fears of success
• Social anxiety (bullying)
• Academic struggles