Addiction Recovery & Support

Untitled-1Addiction Recovery & Support

Have you or has someone you know recently finished a program in rehabilitation? Are you courageously making your way through an AA program, or facing how to live with addictions such as gambling, sex, computer and gaming, and eating disorders? I can be part of your team as you make your way back to health. Perhaps someone you love is going through the battle of addiction, and you need someone like me to support you as you support them. Let me be a part of your plan in the struggle against addiction, for you and for your family. I can help individualize your goals and program for optimal success. I carry no judgment, just the sincere belief that change and healing is always possible. I can help you gather your team together, garner resources to support you and your family, and support your goals and struggles and help you for a chance at an addiction free life. You don’t have to do it alone.